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SRR Costume Department

Illustration by Monika Grist-Werner. Costume design by Alison L. Parker of ricRACK

Each participant will wear authentic period costumes created for the reenactment, armed with sugar cane knives, replica muskets and improvised weapons. Costumes for the reenactment are being created in partnership with ricRack, a New Orleans non-profit committed to sharing sewing skills and encouraging fabric recycling. Almost half of the army’s costumes will be created from repurposed materials. Costume creation is happening at weekly sewing circles: free workshops where participants can socialize, share skills, and learn more about the project. Additionally, a team of skilled local sewing artists have been hired to assist with production.

Thanks for sewing with us!

The SRR team would like to extend a warm thank-you to everyone who helped produce costumes for the reenactment by attending sewing circles over the past year.

Prototype costume for Slave Rebellion Reenactment, a performance initiated by Dread Scott; Costume designed by Alison Parker