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Bob Snead

Executive Producer & Script

Bob Snead is a native of Charleston, SC, where he founded Redux Contemporary Art Center in 2002 and remained founding director of the organization until 2005, when he left to pursue graduate studies at Yale University School of Art. After receiving his MFA in 2007, he helped form the traveling artist collective Transit Antenna and spent the next two years developing community-based art projects across North America. From 2010-2020, he lived and worked in New Orleans, helping grow Antenna as Executive Director, providing an integral role on the development of many artist projects such as You Belong Here by Tavares Strachan or the City Palette App by Chloë Bass, working in the background to provide core support and resources. For SRR, he worked in various capacities, supporting the entire production team, securing various resources for the project, and developed the performance script.