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Thank you for your interest in bringing to life the Slave Rebellion Reenactment!

Note that signing up means full participation from 7am on Friday, Nov 8th, 2019 to 5pm Saturday, Nov 9th, 2019—walking 26 miles over the two days, and optional camping on the first evening. 

Re-enactors will be paid and provided meals throughout the experience.

-Re-enactors must participate in training, briefings, and rehearsals, and if necessary take part in group “walking practice” events to ensure that the walking requirement can be met. 

-Individuals participating in the walk should identify as Black or of African descent, alongside a handful of Indigenous Americans. The intention is to represent as closely as possible the racial makeup of the rebels, as well as support the participation of descendants of the 1811 uprising. 

-All participants must complete the above in-take form and participation agreement, which can also be completed during our weekly Hush Harbor, where you can also get questions answered every Tuesday, from 5 – 7pm at Antenna’s office, 3718 St. Claude Ave.

-All participants must be over 18 and confident they can meet the physical requirements to walk 26 miles over 2 days. This is to ensure that their needs can be appropriately met. Given the large number of participants it will be difficult to manage individual needs in terms of transportation unless in the event of an injury, illness or other exceptional circumstance. 

Most Participants will have costumes provided by the project, but some can make their own with the guidance of the costume department, or email srrcostumes@gmail.com .

Why take part?

• SRR will be an exciting, international event that has been devised by artist Dread Scott and an award-winning team of artists, filmmakers, and collaborators. You will be helping to create both an artwork and a piece of social history.
• The project is hugely collaborative and requires YOU to make it work. Hundreds of people will be involved. This is a project for Louisiana, that can only take place in Louisiana. We can’t do it without you!
• You will be helping to tell a story that is often hidden—a history of freedom and emancipation.
As a participant, you will embody this history of freedom.
• The project is a work that America, in this moment, needs vitally.
• Anyone can take part—you don’t need prior skills or experience. Participants in the Army are not required to act – you will be playing yourself.
• This will be the first time in history that the rebellion has been reenacted at this scope and scale.

How do I get to the event?

All participants will have either a meeting point in New Orleans, or in Norco and will be transported to the start point of the project in St. John the Baptist Parish by bus. We will confirm the arrangements for registered participants the week before the event.

When will I get my costume?

You will be fitted for your costume during a fitting or on a rehearsal day, which is mandatory to attend. We will send you possible date and time options for the rehearsals once you are signed up.

How should I prepare?

All participants will be required to participate in at least one rehearsal – this is where you may receive your costume if not during a fitting ahead of time, receive practical guidance and support for how to take part in the performance, and you will be well briefed on how to interact with the public. You will also have the chance to meet your fellow participants, and be introduced to some of the team developing the project.

Will I be taken care of?

As a participant in the AOE, you will be well looked after. A dedicated team will oversee your welfare arrangements to ensure you are safe, fed, well-watered and rested.
• Regular toilet, water and welfare stops along the route will be provided.
• All meals will be provided during the two days of the performance (including breakfast on the first day if you are in the first wave of participants) and dinner in Congo Square as part of the concluding celebrations.
• Medics will be on hand throughout the march if you have an injury or other need for assistance. You should bring with you any medications you may need throughout the two days of the event.

Overnight arrangements: What do I need to bring?

• A dedicated campsite will be set up for the event. This will be on the campus of a former school which will be secure, well lit and will have an onsite kitchen for our evening meal and breakfast. Only participants in the Army or the official support team will have access to the campsite: no guests will be allowed.
• You will need to bring basic overnight gear (warm clothes to sleep in, a sleeping bag, a wash kit) but you will not need to carry these on the walk, they will be transported to the camp site for you from the registration point.
• Open plan arrangements with cots and rooms separated for men, women, co-ed, and non-binary will be available for you to sleep inside. This means you will be sleeping in a room with others you have shared the day with. You are also welcome to sleep out overnight if you would like to join in tracing the footsteps of the 1811 rebels, weather permitting. We will have enough inside sleeping arrangements for everyone electing to stay together overnight, in case the weather is too harsh for outside sleeping.
• If you do not wish to sleep with the group, you are welcome to go home or to a local hotel and come back for 7am call time first thing Saturday morning. •

Will I be safe?

• Throughout the event, you will be supported by a dedicated team. The procession will be accompanied by experienced Stage Managers, who will be the on-the-ground liaisons in the event of any queries, helping to ensure safe and secure management of the event logistics. The stage management team will be supported by volunteer stewards who will help liaise with the public.
• The event will be supported by a professional security and H&S advisory team, with assistance from the local Police Departments.


All participants in the AOE will be paid an honorarium of $75, $100, or $200 based on their level of participation. This will be paid one week – ten days after the event by check (from Antenna, our producing host)