Raven Crane

Project Coordinator

Raven Crane is a gulf south native, queer, filmmaker, curator and organizer. They live for the unearthing and invention of black narratives in scenes and times when and where those stories are often ignored, forgotten, discarded, written and spoken out of existence. Raven is Project Coordinator of the Slave Rebellion Reenactment, Co-Founder of Coffy: A Womxn of Color Film Collective, Deep Cuts: A Black and Brown Punk Show, and a board member of Patois: The New Orleans International Humans Rights Film Festival, in 2018 they were accepted as a member of Lorde’s Werq: A Black Leadership Development Cohort through Southerners On New Ground (SONG). Raven received their BA in Philosophy and Filmmaking from Loyola University of New Orleans in 2013.