Malcolm Suber

Community Outreach

Malcolm is a veteran revolutionary organizer who has lived in New Orleans for the past 38 years.  He has been an active and leading fighter for Black and working class liberation since his youth in South Carolina.  He is a co-founder and co-coordinator for TakeEmDownNOLA (TEDN) which has played a leading role in the successful struggle to remove 4 confederate monuments to white supremacy in New Orleans this past May. That struggle is continuing as TEDN has pledged to keep fighting until all the more than 100 white supremacist memorials and place names that litter the public spaces of New Orleans are removed.

Malcolm is also a leader in the New Orleans Workers Group that conducts revolutionary study and struggle with the working class of New Orleans.  He is also a coordinator for the newly formed New Orleans Peoples Assembly, a multi-national working class  based mass organization.

Malcolm has a long history in the revolutionary movement.  He was active from his student days in high school and at Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA.  He was a founding member and a national leader in the African Liberation Support Committee.  He has been the hub of many struggles waged by the oppressed people of New Orleans.

Malcolm was a leader in the 1990’s of the successful fight to remove slave owners names from New Orleans public schools.  Later, he became a founding member of the Peoples Hurricane Relief fund, where he served as PHRF’s national organizing director and led the campaign to expose the Red Cross theft of monies raised for the people of New Orleans.

Malcolm has been a cotton mill worker; an autoworker and a college professor.  His entire life has been as a servant of the peoples struggle and a staunch advocate of revolutionary struggle.